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Arc lighter is windproof and long lasting when compared to other kinds of lighters. Nowadays, everything is rechargeable, reusable and recyclable. The electric lighters are windproof, and hence a majority of smokers are using electric arc lighters instead of matches or gas lighters. The electric arc lighters are recyclable, and a single charge can light up to 500 sparks. The ARC lighters prevent your annoyance when butane leaks in your pocket or backpack. The plasma lighters are easily rechargeable by USB or a cable, and dual ARC lighters are the most attractive and durable lighters. In addition to smokers, drivers, motorcyclists, and fishermen are using dual ARC lighters.


How ARC lighter works?

Arc lighter is a rechargeable lighter that works on electric arcs. Earlier, this lighter is used to light candles. But this one is used to light many things like incense, stovetops, fuses, and many things that can fit to be lighted using electric arcs. These lighters are rechargeable by a battery. The ARC lighter works on long ion Lithium battery. Unlike gas lighters, these lighters are windproof.

The ARC lighters work on a small tesla coil that can take power from the battery and can ignite the objects. These lighters can light cigarette or wick of a candle which won't fit the size of the lighter and provide light on a windy day as well.  Earlier the tesla coils are expensive to manufacture, but nowadays they are used in gadgets like garage door openers and many objects. These coils produce high voltage and lower current which is an important safety feature.

Differences between Plasma lighters and ARC lighters

Plasma lighters are flameless lighters and work on the electrical charge. These are a kind of electronic charges and can light up to 500 sparks with single charging. ARC lighters have more extended durability and can give more sparks since they work on lithium batteries.

A plasma lighter is an electric arc lighter that has two or four electrodes. The electric arc lighter has single or dual arcs. Besides cigarettes, these can be used to light stovetops, incense, etc. that can fit between the electrodes. These lighters are chargeable via USB and can give nearly 200-300 sparks after charging completely which takes up to an hour. These are easy and safe to use when compared to matchboxes and butane lighters.

The difference between plasma lighter and ARC lighter is that they cannot light flat surfaces. The ARC lighters use plasma technology but can light everything that fits between the electrodes.

Benefits of using ARC lighter

The benefits of using ARC lighter are that they can provide ignition to flatter surfaces. These are easy to carry, light in weight, and safe to use. Also, ARC lighters are flameless and windproof. They prevent the stinky situations caused by butane lighters. These lighters do not cause the change in the taste of the cooked items that may happen in case of butane lighters. Also, the ARC lighters are the best gift item available on the budget.

Things to remember while buying an ARC lighter

  • To purchase an ARC lighter, you should keep in mind that they are light and convenient to carry.
  • They must be durable enough to give more sparks with a lesser time of charging.
  • These lighters should consume a lesser amount of power.
  • The cost should fit your budget.
  • The item should look sleek but should be capable of lighting flatter objects.


 Here are some of the best sellers on the online platform.

1. Saberlight ARC lighter

Saber light ARC lighter is manufactured on the lines of traditional plasma lighters, but this is a remodeled one. The traditional plasma lighters cannot ignite flatter objects, but the Saberlight ARC lighter can ignite bowls, pipes, cooktops, and many more objects. These are windproof lighters which can provide many sparks with a lesser time of charging.

This is a rechargeable lighter which can ignite more sparks when compared to the traditional plasma lighters. This product is one of the sleek lighters available in the market. The plasma waves created by this lighter can create more heat than the traditional plasma or butane lighters. This lighter is absolutely butane free that uses plasma torch technology. This is not affected by wind or water and can provide sparks during rain or sun.  Saberlight ARC lighter does not contain any harmful element or chemical that is inflammable. Hence you can be free from the stench of butane or fear of spilling chemicals or diffusion of gas.

In addition, one year warranty is provided along with a product which provides repair without any charge within the period of one year after purchase and exchange within a year on the request of the customer.

2. Aluminum ARC lighter

This Aluminium ARC lighter is a metallic body windproof and splash proof lighter which is rechargeable. The charging needed for this product is approximately one hour. On the other hand, the buyers can exchange this product if needed within one year of purchase. The aluminum body is safe from leakage of gas and can provide warmth by igniting objects in rain or shine. This is USB chargeable dual ARC lighter that uses Plasma torch technology. The ignition of flatter surfaces becomes easier using this lighter. This lighter is known for sleek and attractive body and provides heat in any climatic condition. Hence, this lighter can be carried easily with assured safety and security.

This is a flameless windproof lighter available at an affordable budget and uses Chinese technology. The Tesla coil is rechargeable and uses AC technology, the alternate currents to light the objects. Longevity and sleek design are the essential assets of this product. This product comes with a gift package with USB and cable.

3. Triple ARC lighter

This lighter uses modern plasma technology and uses six electrodes. This lighter is designed for cigarettes, cigars, pipes, and many more including stove tops and incense. This is a flameless windproof lighter that does not contain butane or any inflammable element. This lighter uses a large and flat surface design used to ignite water pipes also. Triple ARC lighters are among one of the fastest electric lighters. The large stovetops can be ignited easily using triple arc lighters.

This lighter is provided with 50 percent more power than the atomic lighter. This lighter can ignite objects faster than the traditional ARC lighter. This lighter assures more even and quicker burning. This is an eco-friendly lighter that does not contain any fuel or butane and is rechargeable. This product comes with a USB cable and is provided with a built-in rechargeable battery.  This is a risk-free product and allows one year warranty and 100 percent cash back if the customer is not happy with this product.

4. SUPRUS ARC lighter

SUPRUS ARC lighter is the windproof noise-free lighter. This lighter is sleek in design with an attractive black metallic make. This is a single ARC lighter mainly designed to ignite cigars and cigarettes. This is suitable for different occasions like camping, BBQ, driving, races, etc. This lighter does not contain any harmful fuel, chemical, or butane. This lighter is provided with a warranty of one year as well.

SUPRUS arc lighter uses plasma technology to ignite objects, and the butane that causes harm to humans is absent in this lighter. Some of the other advantages with this lighter are that this lighter indicates the need for charging with a red light and indicates low charging with a blue light and complete charging, the LED light automatically turns off. This lighter uses advanced technology that comes up with lesser noise and smell of butane is absent. Auto shut down feature is the additional asset for this product since, after 10 seconds, this lighter automatically shuts down to save energy. This is an eco-friendly product available at your budget. This product comes with a USB cable and warranty card. Another advantage of this product is it is free from a chemical that causes terrible smell or harm to the human body. This product contains a built-in battery which can be recharged.

5. VORSTEK electronic ARC lighter

Flexible neck is an important feature that makes Vorstek electronic lighter different from traditional plasma lighters. This one comes with a seamless metal handle and provides splashproof and windproof ignition. This is a lightweight product with sleek metallic design easily portable from one place to other. This lighter is made of zinc alloy body and is provided with a safety control button. This is an excellent gift item for family and friends, and this one can ignite objects at any climatic conditions in the rain or the wind. This item is the perfect one for BBQ, camping, kitchen, and anything that needs to be lighted.

This product does not contain butane and chemicals that cause harm to humans and animals. The flexible neck is another safety feature that provides safety from accidental ignition. This product is available with 400 flames with one hour of complete charging. This product is used in the kitchen, motor vehicles, and any other critical climatic condition and assures more extended period of flame and supports your task to be fulfilled at ease. The pack comes with USB cable and one-year warranty card. The cashback is available if the customer is not happy with the product.

6.  Dual Arc Lighter

This is a dual arc lighter that contains four electrodes. This product is used to ignite candles, cigars, and cigarettes. Sometimes this can be used to ignite stovetops. The critical feature of this lighter is its formidable black metallic body. This lighter can be used to ignite flatter surfaces and help to get the flame free from butane or chemicals.

The flat body of this lighter supports the ignition for a long time with a higher power. The advantage with this dual arc lighter is it uses plasma technology to ignite objects but does not have disadvantages related to plasma lighters. This lighter works five times faster than the single electronic lighter and works great during a rainy day or a windy day. This is a flameless windproof lighter which can ignite objects faster than traditional lighters.

This is safe and secure to carry as well as sleek to use. This is an excellent item to be gifted for your loved ones. This item is made of strong zinc alloy metal and contains ceramic finish which prevents accidental shocks. This is an eco-friendly item since it is free from butane or any other harmful chemicals. This is high-quality lighter that is temperature resistant provided with a ceramic plate and assures safety and durability. This is useful for camping, kitchen, traveling and hiking. The dual arc lighter is more user-friendly when compared to other plasma lighters.

7. Kivors Dual Arc Lighter

This Kivors Dual ARC Lighter is made of zinc alloy body and assures flameless and windproof ignition free from butane. This product is a good gift item for loved ones and provides faster and longer ignition when compared to the traditional lighters. This lighter contains a replaceable battery. This lighter can ignite pipes, bowls, cigarettes, stovetops, and anything that can be ignited. This is safe and secure to use.

The battery is rechargeable and contains USB cable. The lighter needs to be charged for two hours to get charged completely.  This lighter can be charged externally even when the battery is taken out for charging. This lighter can light up to 7-10 packs of cigarettes when charged for two hours. Unobstructed flame is another advantage of this lighter. This lighter uses the plasma technology and allows more charging options with the help of replaceable batteries and USB cable. 100 percent cash back and replacement of the product is available when the customer is not happy with the purchase without any delay or questions.


ARC lighters use plasma technology but work faster than plasma lighters. These lighters are available in a variety of models and designs, and nowadays these lighters are useful to light flatter objects. The dual arc lighters work faster than the single arc lighters. All the plasma and arc lighters are available at an affordable budget and help the users to ignite the objects safely and securely.

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