Most Attractive Electric Lighters Review

Gone are the days of matches or disposable lighters. The butane lighters contain harmful chemicals and may cause stench and spilling of liquid, which may burn the place sometimes. The electric lighters work on replaceable battery sometimes and can be reused after charging for a limited time. They can give sparks all the time if charged for one or two hours.

The difference between traditional lighters and electric lighters is that they do not cause any mess or annoying smell and can be reusable. These lighters do not cause any harm to the environment since they are rechargeable.

How an electric lighter works?

Electric lighter gives a spark when an object is placed near the electrodes of this gadget. There are three kinds of electric lighters, namely, ARC lighters, Plasma electric lighters, and Tesla coil lighters. The Tesla coil lighters use electromagnetic induction by means of a Tesla coil. These Tesla coil lighters emit high voltage but produce low power used to ignite a cigar or a wick of a candle. When it comes to plasma electric lighters, these lighters can emit flame with the same mechanism like a Tesla coil lighter, but they cannot flatter elements like cigar or stovetops.  There is no gas or fuel inside these lighters but work on rechargeable battery fitted inside.

The ARC lighter use plasma beam technology but these are designed with a replaceable battery as well as USB cable for charging. The ARC lighter will be of single, dual, or triple ARC lighters. The electric lighters are easy to carry and do not contain any combustible or harmful fuel and do not cause any disgusting smell or taste. These lighters do not cause any harm to the humans, children, or pets since the spark cannot be emitted without opening the lid and disposable lighters use butane, which is inflammable or causes stinky smell in most cases. Sometimes smokers may get annoyed by the stench of butane when they feel the change in the taste of cigar caused by the butane lighter.

Benefits of electric lighter

Benefits of the electric lighter, when compared to disposable lighters, are, these are harmless and are resistant to wind and rain. These lighters do not give any flame and can provide ignition to the objects regardless of climatic conditions. These lighters do not leave a cigarette lighter smell sometimes noticed by the users of disposable lighters. These are free from the issues of spilling and diffusion mostly possible by using piezoelectric or butane lighters.

The electric lighters provide high power and heat by consuming less amount of fuel or energy. These lighters are useful after the battery life is over after replacing the provided extra battery. These lighters are sleek and lightweight and are convenient to carry. These are far better than traditional lighters since they will not create garbage that is created by disposable lighters and matchboxes.

The difference between Plasma lighter and Electric Lighter

Plasma lighter works on electrodes and depends on the rechargeable battery. However, these lighters are mainly intended to light sleek objects like cigarettes, cigars, candles, and thinner objects. The electric lighters can produce more heat and can heat flatter objects like pipes, cigars, and cooktops.

The electric lighters and electronic lighters are more durable and convenient to carry when compared to regular plasma lighters. However, these lighters generally use plasma technology but are more power efficient to light flatter objects and have more life-period.

Things to consider while purchasing an Electric lighter

To purchase an electric lighter, first, you should check for the durability of the product. These lighters should be easy and convenient to carry. The budget and number of sparks the lighter provides is another aspect you should keep in mind to purchase an electric lighter. Take care that the lighter you purchase should be able to provide at least 500 sparks per charging of one hour. These are made of high-quality materials when compared to normal disposable lighters and are expensive. However, these are worth the investment.

You should be careful that you select a windproof and splash proof lighter that do not have any reminiscences of chemicals that can harm humans or pets. Most of the electric lighters make whining sound and the lighters that make less noise provide value for your money.

Here are some of the electric lighters popular online.

1. Eternity Electric Lighter

ETERNITY Electric Lighter is an excellent gift item since it looks classy and pocket-friendly. This is a quality product, unlike plastic disposable lighters. This eco- friendly dual arc lighter comes with a cleaning brush and USB cable. This lighter can light flatter objects like cigars, stovetops, and bowls. This lighter offers 100 to 300 lighters and needs 2 hours to charge completely. These lighters are available in classy black, silver, and gold colors.

This lighter comes up with a black bag for easy access. Its smaller size and sleek design make this one a pocket-friendly item. This item is an important one when you need to light a candle, campfire, cigars, stovetops, and bowls. This lighter is available with a luxurious gift box that will impress your loved ones on their special day.

This is a windproof, splash-proof, and eco-friendly lighter that fit your budget. This is a butane-proof lighter, which prevents stench or spilling of butane and helps you have a better experience while smoking besides safe from accidental burning of objects, the common disadvantage with disposable lighters.  This is a dual arc lighter that works with four electrodes especially made to ignite flatter objects without much noise.

2. Aluminium Electric Lighter

Aluminum electric lighter is made with zinc alloy body and specially made to light flatter objects. Hence, these lighters make an excellent idea to gift your loved ones. This is an attractive option for carrying in pocket, SUV, or camping. You can light cigars, pipes, candles, and stovetops easier when compared to traditional lighters.

This lighter is available in classy colors like black, green, navy blue, red and royal blue, which comes with a USB cable. This lighter needs two hours for complete charging and provides nearly 400 sparks per complete charging. This lighter is manufactured in China and comes with a one-year warranty and cash back that is offered to customers who are not happy with the product. This is a dual arc lighter. The sleek design makes this one a pocket-friendly item that can be carried for camping, fishing, driving, BBQ, and kitchen.

3. Electric Lighter by Lcfun

Electric Lighter By LcFun lighter is made of zinc alloy body. This is black in color and stands as a good gift item. This lighter is available at an affordable cost and suits kitchen use, driving, racing, BBQ, and camping. This lighter is provided with a long flexible neck to provide ignition for flatter objects.

This is a lighter designed with noble pattern useful to gift elderly people or business colleagues. This is a flameless windproof lighter, which is available with automatic power off after 7 seconds to prevent wastage of electricity. This lighter comes with a rechargeable battery. This lighter comes with 60 days warranty and cash back offer.

This lighter is a dual arc lighter that can ignite objects more evenly and faster. Also, heats five times faster than single arc electric lighter. This is provided with ceramic plate resistant to electricity and temperature, which prevents accidental burning. Also, this lighter offers longer flame when compared to a traditional butane lighter and can stand any climatic conditions.  After-sale service is available for this product within 60 days of purchase.


4. Oiikury electric lighter

Oiikury Electric lighter is dual arc lighter 50% powerful than traditional lighters that comes up with a classy dragon design. This is windproof and splashes proof lighter that can ignite flatter objects like stovetops, pipes, cigars, candles, and anything that needs ignition. This one comes with a gravity sensor and provides an automatic shut off when needs to be charged or after 10 seconds of time. This one contains no fuel or Tesla coil that causes spilling of fuel or burning of fingers because of touching hot ignition coil.

This is made of classy brass metal but light in weight. The classy metal makes it an excellent gift item and helps to light flatter objects to provide more heat and power in lesser time. This lighter comes with a rechargeable battery and offers a comfortable experience without the stench of fuel and hassle of refilling the lighter.

Oiikury electric lighter is available in classy black or gunmetal color.

5. Kivors Electric Lighter

This Kivors Electric Lighter is available in classy colors like black and white. This light is made of zinc alloy metal. This lighter is provided with a rechargeable battery and comes with USB cable. This is a dual arc lighter five times faster and efficient than the traditional lighters. This is 100 percent butane free and eco-friendly.

This is a lightweight dual arc lighter that can be recharged with a USB cable and works with four electrodes. This is free from butane, fluid, or fuel and can light candles and cigars. This is windproof and splash proof and can ignite objects in the rain or the sun.

6. Flexible Electric Lighter

Flexible  electric lighter is one of the dual-arc lighters that is an advancement of plasma technology. This is a dual arc lighter provided with an adjustable neck and allows igniting flatter objects. This is flexible to twist and turn in 360 degrees. This is USB rechargeable and provides ignition for everything that needs to be lighted. This is a rechargeable one and provides single ARC lighting but can light flatter objects. This provides convenient storage and child safety by automatic shut off feature. This is a windproof, splash-proof, and noise proof lighter that comes with a one-year warranty.

This lighter uses plasma technology and provides harmless ignition free of butane, fluid, and fuel. This lighter is flexible in 360 degrees, and hence it can ignite all the objects without any harm to humans and pets. This is a flexible lighter provided with one-year warranty at your budget, and replaceable battery is available along with USB cable.

7. Candle Electric Lighter

This Candle electric lighter is a windproof splashproof lighter available with a long neck and provides ignition to candles, cigars, and stovetops. These can be used for camping, BBQ, and firework lighting. This lighter can be used as an atomic lighter that comes with rechargeable battery. It needs 1.5 to 2 hours of charging to ignite 100 to 200 sparks a day. The battery is provided with the Li-on power, which is rechargeable using a USB cable that comes up with the package. This lighter is provided with 10 seconds automatic shut-off to save energy.

This is power efficient lighter and hence can light more sparks when compared to normal plasma lighters. The long elbow design is another asset for this product. This lighter is known for windproof and moisture proof performance ideal for lighting party candles, incense, stovetops, BBQ, and many more objects. The automatic lock is provided for assuring safety for kids and kids. In addition, these are provided with automatic lock buttons, which prevent accidental burning. This is a flameless lighter, which does not emit any bad odor and ignites the objects with a mild noise. A one-year warranty is available with this lighter.

This is a single arc lighter that uses plasma technology but works more efficient than plasma lighters. Hence, one who needs a lighter with advanced features like automatic shut off and auto lock are the features that make this item an excellent item to be bought and stands as an excellent item to gift your loved ones.

Electric lighters mostly use the plasma technology and are efficient when compared to traditional disposable lighters. These are used by not only smokers but by racers, drivers, and fishers and to ignite cooktops. These lighters are a little bit expensive but worth investment. These are eco-friendly and durable to carry in a pocket or a vehicle. Most of these lighters are available with automatic shut off and auto lock features, which are safe on humans and pets. Hence, these lighters are helpful to ignite the objects whenever and wherever.

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