7 Most Popular Plasma Lighters Review

Plasma lighters are useful for camping, BBQ, Kitchen, and many other purposes. Unlike disposable lighters, you can recharge them using the rechargeable battery and USB cable. Plasma lighters are very user-friendly, budget-friendly and eco-friendly as well. 


How Plasma lighter Works

How Does It Work
Plasma lighters are generally flameless and windproof. These lighters work in any weather conditions whether in rain or sun. These lighters can give 400 to 500 sparks a day when charged for an hour or two. These lighters work by ignition of Tesla coils that can light objects when the battery gets charged. The plasma lighter ignites the stuff by producing electricity between the two electrodes with the help of rechargeable battery.

This is an eco-friendly option to replace disposable lighters and matchboxes. The piezoelectric lighters are a better option but filling the fuel into that lighters is a waste of time and money. The butane lighters spill fuel and cause annoying stench and bad taste sometimes. This is the experience of most of the smokers, and disposable lighters cause most of the littering and environmental pollution. Hence, plasma lighters came into existence to save the environment by providing better heat with less power and cause lesser wastage of fuel and by this save money. 

Piezoelectric lighters cause emission of heat by the friction of built-in springs, but plasma electric lighters cause emission of heat by means of electrodes. In earlier days, these lighters were designed with an intention to light only thinner objects like cigars and candles, but nowadays these lighters can ignite flatter objects easily and evenly. The ARC lighters use plasma technology but produce even flame and provide many sparks when compared to conventional plasma lighters.


Benefits of using plasma lighters

By using plasma lighters, the hassle of fuelling and disposing of lighters will be void. The stench of butane or spilling of fuel will be nil. The money and fuel are saved since these are provided with rechargeable batteries.

Plasma lighters are flameless and windproof as well. These lighters can ignite objects regardless of climatic conditions. These lighters are cost-effective and stand as excellent gift items. These are classy to look, durable, and convenient to carry. People who opt for classy and lightweight lighters can be happy by choosing plasma lighters. Generally, the plasma lighters use electric arcs, and hence these are safe for kids and pets. The ceramic plate provided to resist power is the secret behind the prevention of accidental burning when the plasma lighters are used.


Things to consider while choosing plasma lighter

  • To choose plasma lighter, you should check the budget you need to afford to buy this lighter since money matters first.
  • To buy plasma lighter, you should select the design and number of arcs the lighter uses, since dual arc plasma lighters can be used to light flatter objects and can emit power and heat evenly.
  • Time needed to charge completely is also a point to be considered to purchase plasma lighter.
  • The material of the lighter is a point of concern when you need to purchase plasma lighter since the durability of the lighter depends on the material of the lighter. Zinc alloy metal is mostly used to manufacture plasma lighters.
  • The lighter should fit in your pocket or dashboard of your vehicle.
  • The lighter should be flameless, odor proof, and noise-proof and should be safe to carry along with kids and pets.
  • The product should give you the utmost satisfaction, and good manufacturers provide warranty or cash-back on their products if the consumer is not satisfied with the purchase.


Here are some of the reviews on best-selling plasma lighters online.

  1.  Tesla Coil Lighters

plasma lighter

Tesla coil lighters use induced power to emit objects. These are smell proof and noise-proof. These lighters do not emit fuel and do not contain harmful chemicals and butane. Butane lighters are often prone to bad odor and spilling of fuel. By purchasing Tesla coil lighters, you will be free from lighter taste or odor while smoking. These are flameless and emit heat faster and more even. These lighters stand as an excellent gift item and provide value for the investment.

Tesla coil lighters suit your pocket and budget with sleek design and affordable price. These are safe and easy to use. These are made of gunmetal and emit heat when clicked on the bottom. These lighters are available with a safe rechargeable battery and USB cable. The weight of these lighters is very less and last up to a week to give 200-300 sparks. It is safe to keep this product away from kids and pets and hence it is safe to use an auto lock when you need to use it in the presence of kids and pets. The important feature of this product is that it is completely sleek and comfortable to use.

  1. Aluminum Plasma Lighter
Aluminum Plasma Lighter uses plasma beam technology. This one is very helpful to use flatter objects. This is a dual arc lighter made in China used to light flatter objects including cigars, bowls, and pipes evenly. This lighter comes with a USB cable and a rechargeable battery. Hence, this is a cost-saving, noise-free, flameless battery that serves your needs in driving, camping, BBQ, fishing, racing, and kitchen. The important feature is this lighter is free from the stench and annoying taste of butane that provides the safe and comfortable effect of smoking. The full charging time for this product is one hour and lasts up to a week to offer 300-400 sparks. These lighters are available in classic colors like black, red, navy blue, royal blue, and gunmetal colors.


This Aluminum plasma lighter is made with alloy body and specially made to light flatter objects. Hence these lighters make a great idea to gift your loved ones or colleagues. This is a handy one for carrying in pocket or SUV. You can light cigars, pipes, candles, and stovetops easier when compared to traditional lights. This product is free from the stench of butane that may change the taste of food or cigar and needs no refilling of fuel, and the ceramic plate prevents accidental burning.

  1. Electric Triple Arc Lighter

plasma lighter

Electric Triple Arc lighter comes with a zinc alloy body with a flexible make. The longer neck provides more even and faster heating since this product uses six electrodes. The Tesla coil lighter technology is used in this product, but this one is more powerful when compared to Tesla coil lighter. This lighter provides automatic shut option after 10 seconds to save energy. No refilling of fuel is required to refill this lighter since a rechargeable battery and USB cable are available. This lighter needs two hours for complete charging, and hence this is a good option if you want to save your power, fuel, and money. This lighter works well for full-size cigars, pipes, water pipes, incense, and stovetops.


This is a gas-less lighter and hence no smell of butane or spilling of fuel in your pocket or vehicle. Therefore, this product is safe for your kids, pets, and for the environment. This lighter is windproof, splash proof and hence no issues of bad weather. The warranty of one year is provided for battery and lighter. 100 percent cash-back is provided if the customer is not happy with the product. This product is worth your money for your regular use as well as a gift item.

  1. Kivors Flameless Dual Arc Lighter

plasma lighter

Kivors flameless dual arc lighter is used to ignite flatter objects at ease with even and more heat. This heater emits less power, more heat, and high voltage. This lighter is made in China and comes in gold, silver, and gunmetal colors. The body is made of zinc alloy metal. Some other colorful designs of this lighter available along with conventional colors given above.  This lighter works faster than normal single arc lighters above five times. This lighter gives hear on click of side button, and auto-lock option is provided for safe use and safe for kids, pets, and environment.


This lighter needs two hours of complete charging t light three packs of cigars or 500 sparks. This is made in China and comes with one year warranty and cash-back. This lighter is airport safe and convenient to carry in SUV, kitchen, or camping. The dual arc lighter assures more lifetime and better experience when compared to traditional lighters. This lighter is windproof, splash-proof, and free from butane and other harmful chemicals.

  1. Saberlight Flexible Lighter

plasma lighter

This is a flexible neck which works in circular, vertical, and horizontal angles. Saberlight flexible electric lighter is one of the dual-arc lighters in which advancement of plasma technology is used but works more powerful when compared to traditional plasma lighters. This is a dual arc lighter provided with a flexible neck and allows to light flatter objects like bowls, kitchen tops, and cigars. The battery is a rechargeable one and provides dual ARC lighting using electrodes by the emission of power through the flexible battery. This lighter is convenient for SUV and kitchen storage, and automatic shut assures child safety off feature. This is a windproof, splash-proof, and noise proof lighter that comes with one year warranty. This is a perfect candle and grill lighter.

This lighter uses beam plasma technology and provide harmless ignition free of butane, fluid, and fuel. This lighter has a flexible neck, and hence it can ignite all the objects without any harm to humans and pets. This plasma lighter is provided with one year warranty at your budget, and replaceable battery is available along with USB cable. This is the lighter works with four electrodes and needs one and a half hour of complete charging to provide 300 to 400 sparks. This lighter consists of Lithium cells instead of fuel and hence no worry of poor power supply or refilling the fuel all the time.


  1. Saberlight USB Lighter

plasma lighter

This is a flameless, windproof, and splashproof lighter that comes with a rechargeable battery. This lighter consists of the USB cable and extra battery and hence when you need to use this in an emergency situation, lack of power supply will not stop you. There are harmful components in butane lighters that may cause harm to the environment and sometimes cause accidental burning. Hence, switching to Saberlight USB lighter is the wise option if you want to save your environment and kids. This is a dual arc lighter used to ignite flatter objects. If this cell is charged for one hour, you can get 200-300 sparks or can light five packs of cigarettes. Three hours of charging through USB is suggestible.

The Saberlight X USB lighter uses plasma wave technology that can provide safe and convenient carrying and smoking experiences. The Lithium cell is available as a built-in lighter for this lighter.

  1. Zippo Playboy Lighters

plasma lighter

Zippo Playboy lighters are used to light 300-400 sparks when charged for 2-3 hours. These lighters are convenient to carry, windproof, splash proof and provide less whining sound when lit. The automatic shut off option is provided with lighter. This is made in the United States of America. This lighter is provided with premium fluid that is specially designed to ignite objects. This lighter is recommended to use along with Zippo stints and wicks. This lighter is made with a metallic body and provides heat on click. This is refillable for appropriate use for a lifetime. This product is useful when you can refill it with premium fluid.

Concluding words
The plasma lighters generally use Tesla coil and plasma wave technology to provide heat whenever an item is placed in between the electrodes. These lighters can provide heat for flatter objects which is tough with disposable lighters. When these lighters are recharged and refilled correctly, they are suitable to use for a lifetime. The plasma lighters can provide heat evenly for all the inflammable objects safely for kids and pets. The important advantage with plasma lighters is it is free from smell and noise and hence convenient to be used in all circumstances.


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