7 Most Amazing Atomic Lighter Reviews

Atomic Lighter uses plasma arc technology to ignite objects unlike butane or fuel lighters. Using matchbox to light objects is a tedious task nowadays. This is not an eco-friendly option since match boxes cause a lot of trees to cut down. Butane lighters and disposable ones cause harm to humans and animals and leave an annoying stench in most of the adverse situations. Hence, using atomic lighters is a wise option if you want to save, time, and money as well as the environment.

How Atomic Lighters Work

how does atomic lighter work

Butane lighters need a lot of fuel and are disposable. These are not resistant to winds and rains and sometimes cause accidental burning. Piezoelectric lighters ignite objects by the friction of springs, but these lighters need fuelling and cause accidental burning. Arc lighters and plasma lighters use Tesla coil and electrodes to create electromagnetic induction. By electromagnetic induction, the power and heat will be evenly distributed.

Hence, the heat will be emitted even and faster that would suffice to light objects that are flatter than cigars and candle wicks. These are expensive when compared to normal disposable lighters. Since these are rechargeable and recyclable, these lighters are worth your investment. These are convenient and handy to be carried to the kitchen, camping and traveling. The classy look of the lighters makes them worthy of gifting your loved ones.

Most of these atomic lighters are made of alloy metals. Hence, these are convenient and classy to carry. Also, these lighters do not produce any bad odor and do not spill fuel. Therefore, these are safe and comfortable to use anywhere. Most of the atomic lighters use plasma and arc technology but work more efficient when compared to the former ones.

Is There Any Difference Between Plasma Lighter And Atomic lighter

Technically speaking, there are no differences between plasma lighters and atomic lighters. Both are fuel free no flame lighter. Atomic lighter is a type of plasma lighters which are capable of creating ignition by using electric arc. It does not require any dangerous fluid to light up cigarettes and other objects such as grills, candles, etc.

What Are The Things That You Should Take Care Of When You Purchase An Atomic Lighter

To purchase an atomic lighter, you should keep the budget in mind, since money is an important thing to make any decision, big or small. The atomic lighters can provide more sparks when compared to basic plasma lighters, and the rechargeable battery comes with this kind of lighters.

The number of sparks is an important point to consider to purchase the atomic lighter. Most of these products provide 400-500 sparks with one hour of complete charging.

You should check whether these lighters are durable or not. These lighters can last for many years because of the strong make of metallic body and auto-lock options provide.

You should consider the safety options to auto lock the lighters when not in use. Most of the lighters come with automatic shut off option after a specific duration of time to save energy. The atomic lighters come with USB cable and rechargeable battery like any other electronic device. Hence, take care that your lighter gives the maximum number of sparks with less time to charge. Generally, an ideal model can provide 300-400 sparks with one or two hours of charging.

Reviews of the Most Amazing Atomic Lighters

  1. Tesla Coil Lighter

atomic lighter

This is a windproof atomic lighter available in gunmetal color. This is made of zinc alloy metal. This lighter can light up to 100-300 sparks, and the charging will last up to a week. The weight of this object is 3 oz, and hence this product is convenient and handy to carry. This lighter is purely butane proof. The lighter comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery as well. The battery is replaceable.

This lighter comes with a one-year warranty, and cash back offer if the customer is not happy with the purchase. In addition, these lighters come with side click button to ignite the objects. These lighters work more efficiently to light flatter objects like bowls, pipes, cigars, and stovetops. The model of this lighter makes this one an adorable gift item. This one is safe and easy to use and hence an admirable product to keep at households or SUV. This lighter can be carried to airports also.

2. Aluminum Atomic Lighter

atomic lighter

Aluminum Atomic Lighter is made with zinc alloy body and specially made to light flatter objects. Hence, these lighters make a great idea to gift your loved ones. This is an excellent lighter to be had in pocket, SUV, or camping. You can light cigars, pipes, candles, and stovetops easier when compared to traditional lighter.

This lighter is available in classy colors like black, green, navy blue, red and royal blue, which comes with a USB cable. This lighter needs two hours for complete charging and provides nearly 400 sparks per complete charging. This lighter is manufactured in China and comes with a one-year warranty and cash back if the customer is not satisfied with the deal.

This dual arc lighter uses electrically ionized gases to ignite the objects. The sleek design makes this one a pocket-friendly item that can be carried for camping, fishing, driving, BBQ, and kitchen. The pocket-friendly option is an important asset of this product and will be a classy one to carry to any place while traveling or camping. Generally, people like to gift this item to business partners or colleagues due to its ambient look.

This lighter works five times faster when compared to plasma and single arc lighters. This lighter is free from winds and splash and hence gives a comfortable experience for the smokers in any climatic condition.

3. Saberlight Atomic Lighter

atomic lighter

This lighter is another advanced lighter that enhances the value of the brand. This lighter provides ignition of flatter objects at ease. This lighter uses plasma technology but gives a smarter experience with automatic shut off option. This lighter uses re-engineered and redesigned mechanism that ignites anywhere with flameless, windproof, and splashproof features. This lighter uses plasma technology but assures better functioning when compared to traditional lighters.

This is a rechargeable lighter, which can ignite more sparks when compared to the traditional plasma lighters. This product is one of the stylish lighters available in the market. The plasma waves created by this lighter can create more heat than the traditional plasma or butane lighters. This lighter is absolutely butane free that uses plasma beam technology. This is not affected by wind or water and can provide sparks during shine or rain. Saberlight atomic lighter does not contain any harmful chemicals that are inflammable. Hence, you can be free from the odor of butane or fear of spilling chemicals or diffusion of gas.

In addition, the one-year warranty is provided along with a product which provides repair without any charge within one year after purchase and exchange within a year on the request of the user if he is not satisfied with the purchase. Saberlight Atomic lighter provides a hotter spark when compared to traditional lighters, and hence, it is fondly called Sparq.

4. Saberlight Flexible Atomic Lighter

atomic lighter

Saberlight flexible electric lighter is the atomic lighter that is an advancement of plasma technology. This is a dual arc lighter provided with a flexible neck and allows ignite flatter objects. This is flexible to twist and turn in 360 degrees. This is USB rechargeable and provides ignition for everything that needs to be lighted. This is a rechargeable one and provides single ARC lighting but can light flatter objects. This provides convenient storage and child safety by automatic shut off feature. This is a windproof, splash-proof, and noise proof lighter that comes with a one-year warranty. You can place them in SUV, kitchen, or airport since this product offers the utmost safe and secure use besides providing a comfortable experience. This lighter is provided with power O coil that provides more even and powerful ignition to flatter objects.

This lighter uses plasma technology and provides harmless lighting free of butane, fluid, and fuel. This lighter is flexible in 360 degrees, and hence it can light all the objects without any harm to human beings and pets. This is a flexible lighter provided with a one-year warranty and fits your budget, and replaceable battery is available along with USB cable.

5. Candle Atomic Lighter

atomic lighter

Candle Atomic Lighter is an ARC lighter that uses ionized gas to ignite the objects. The heat provided by this object is more even and hot when compared to plasma lighters. The flexible design is an additional asset for this product. Also, this lighter can ignite objects that are flatter than the size of the electrodes. This is a safer, cleaner, and affordable product when compared to the traditional plasma lighters.

This is a power efficient atomic lighter that can ignite more sparks when compared to normal plasma lighters. The long elbow design is another attraction for this product.  This product is ideal for lighting party candles, incense, stovetops, BBQ, and many more objects. The automatic lock is provided to assure safety for kids and kids. Also, these are provided with automatic lock buttons, which prevent accidental burning. This is a flameless lighter, which does not emit any bad odor and ignites the objects with a mild noise. A one-year warranty is available with this lighter.

This single arc lighter uses plasma technology but works more efficiently than plasma lighters. Hence, one who needs a lighter with safety features like automatic shut off and auto lock features help this item look adorable and secure to light anything that needs to be ignited. The sleek and admirable appearance of this lighter makes this one a good gift item.


6. AUTSCA arc Atomic Lighter

atomic lighter

This lighter is ARC atomic lighter, and hence this one is provided with advanced features suitable to the light stove, grill, candlelights, cigars, cigarettes, and candle wicks. This is a good option to gift your loved ones. This lighter works 30k times faster and efficient when compared to traditional plasma lighter.  Lifetime warranty is provided on purchase of this lighter in addition to cashback if the customer is not happy with the purchase. This is a flameless, windproof, butane free lighter available with a rechargeable battery. The long neck makes it a handy device to ignite stovetops.

7. Atomic Lighter by Bulbhead

atomic lighter

Atomic lighter by Bulbhead is a graceful gift item that works on advanced plasma wave technology. The black and gunmetal colors make a classy appearance to the lighter and make it a good gift item for business people and elderly people. This is a rechargeable, windproof, splashproof electric lighter that can provide sparks regardless of climatic conditions. Also, the lifetime warranty is provided for the customers. No fuel or no flint is required for this lighter. This is a clean and safe lighter safe for kids and pets since the auto lock, and automatic shut off options are provided. This is durable plasma lighter made of strong metal alloy.  This lighter is a very convenient one to carry in vehicle, airport, and kitchen. This is a lightweight product when compared to normal plasma lighters. This dual arc lighter uses lightning bolt technology and hence works with power efficiency for a lifetime.

Atomic lighters use plasma and ARC technology. These are windproof, splashproof, and free from annoying stench and noise. The hassle of spilling of chemical is reduced when the consumer chooses atomic lighters. Most of these lighters use plasma technology but work with efficiency for a lifetime. This feature is absent in traditional plasma and arc lighters. Durability and classy look make atomic lighters a top priority among the consumers.


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