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What Is Plasma Or Atomic Lighter

Why Atomic Lighters Are Important

Why Plasma Lighters Are Popular Now

What Things To Consider While Purchasing Atomic Lighters

As mentioned earlier, if you are looking to buy an atomic lighter, you could do that easily, either through dedicated shops that sell them or through many online portal sites. The use of the product has already been discussed in details, but it might be necessary to consider a few more points you should shortlist before buying your lighter.


Charging Time

How Many Sparks For A Single Charge

Lasting Time

Single Arc or Dual Arc


Why We Encourage People To Use Atomic Lighter Than Traditional Lighter

Environment Friendly

No Need To Refill Fluids

Outdoor Use

Looks Cool And Fashionable

What About Our PlasmaRex Lighters

PlasmaRex plasmic lighters are one of the most famous and efficient lighters that is available in the market today, owing to the following points-

Windproof Lighter :  It is not susceptible to wind as it does not have any classical flame and thus can be used in such situations where the wind is a problem.

Convenient To Use Outdoors: Being windproof  makes it ideal to be used outdoors.
Charging Cable And Gift Box- It comes with a charging cable to charge the battery once it runs out of power making it durable for an extended period of time. A single charge of around 3 hours can make it last for a minimum of 3-4 days with around 200 clicks. It is also a classy gift item that you may give to your dear ones and, it comes with a beautiful gift box to help your cause.

Fashion and Outlook :  The sleek and classy look adds to its outlook and fashion quotient.

Money Back Guarantees - if the lighter is not satisfactory, you have the option of returning it and claiming the whole money back. Our company makes this claim because it trusts the authenticity of its build and is confident that such a situation is unlikely to arise.

Atomic lighters have taken over the market, where lighters are concerned, mainly because of its utility, dependability and classy looks and going by the response of the people using it, these lighters are here to stay.

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