Black USB Flameless Plasma Dual Arc Rechargeable Windproof Cigarette Lighter

Windproof lighter: Black flameless Plasma Dual Arc lighter is completely windproof. It will work on any tough wind condition.

Convenient to use outdoors: This  Black Arc Lighter is convenient for any types of outdoor uses such as campaign, travelling, etc. It's also safe, and easy to use.

Fit For All Situation: This atomic lighter   is designed differently and more practically than any other arc lighters in the market . All arc position is outside which is suitable for all situation. It doesn’t require any gas or flame as it lights up a cigarette with its electronically generated heat.

Charging Cable And Gift Box: This stylish USB lighter comes with a USB charger and nice gift box. This lighter supports any types of USP post for charging such as laptop, Power Bank, Car USB port, etc.

Fashion And Outlook: This USB arc lighter is very stylish and good-looking and black color gives it royalty too. It comes with excellent hand touch, just press the power button and it produces double electric Arc.

Money Back Guarantee: Buy this product with confidence. We are providing 6-month money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with this product.

Cool, Stylish, And Convenient Lighter

Rechargeable Lighter

Style And Appearance